True or False: "Jesus is Dead & Buried"

MAR 28, 2021

The historical evidence regarding Jesus' existence is both well-established and widespread. Jesus is undoubtedly a real historical figure. What is more controversial are the claims that Jesus came back from the dead. Is Jesus just another "dead and buried" man, or is He the risen Savior? Join us to find out more!


"True or False: The Bible Contradicts Science"

FEB. 28, 2021

It is often thought that religion and science are at odds with each other. However, did you know that the Bible actually displays many scientific facts accurately, even before scientists proved them? Is the Bible archaic and irrelevant, or is it in fact up-to-date? Join us this Sunday as we investigate: "True or False: The Bible Contradicts Science"


"True or False: Truth is Subjective"

JAN 31, 2021

What is truth? Is divine truth something that is objective and precise? Or is it subjective, and differs according to every individual? Join us to find out what the Bible has to say on this subject!


I Am A Christian. But I Do Not Celebrate Christmas.

DEC. 21, 2020

Why wouldn't a Christian celebrate Christmas? Find out the reasons why.


Jesus Christ - His Return

NOV.29, 2020

This Man had been crucified and declared dead. However, many claimed to have seen Him alive again. They are warning that He will return one day. When will He return? Why is He coming back? Join us to find out.


Jesus Christ - His Syndicate

NOV.28, 2020

Even after His death, a following of men continued to perform His mission. Many were opposed to these men, and tried to stop them. Despite the threat of death, they persevered to obey their Master. Who are these people? Join us to find out their mission and motivation.


Jesus Christ - His Identity

NOV.27, 2020

He had been sentenced to a cruel death on the cross. The people weren't even sure who He was. Some said He was a prophet. Some said He was a liar. Some said He was crazy. Who is Jesus really? Join us to find out the identity of this Man.


Jesus Christ - His Crimes

NOV. 26, 2020

2000 years ago, the crowd roared for the death of this Man. He was beaten and sentenced to be executed by the most cruel means possible: crucifixion. What crimes did He commit to warrant such a punishment? Join us to find out more.


Is the End of the World Coming Soon?

OCT. 25, 2020

2020 has been a rough year, not least of all because of Covid-19, which has caused global economic disruption, claimed more than a million lives, and unsettled the livelihoods of even more. Is this terrible disease a sign that the end is near?


I AM the Resurrection and the Life

SEP. 27, 2020

Death is an event that all of us will face one day. However, Jesus offers us hope, that we can live again and never die! Join us this Sunday at 9.30am as we examine the topic: "I AM the Resurrection and the Life."