Where is God? - Finding God in our Purpose

We cannot see God, but if we search for the purpose for our life's existence, we will understand that our true purpose is found in God. Let's discover with bro Tian Seng!


DEC 4, 2021

Where is God? - Finding God in Our Suffering

We cannot see God, but if we search for the reasons for all our pain & suffering, we will realize God has the answers to our troubles. Join bro Alvin Lin to search the scriptures to find out!


DEC 3, 2021

Where is God? - Finding God in the Moral Dilemma

We cannot see God, but if we search for the answers to this world's moral problems, we find that all answers come from above. Let's search the scriptures with bro Benjamin Kwan to find out what the Bible says!


DEC 2, 2021

Where is God? - Finding God in the Beginning

We cannot see God, but if we search for the origin of all things, all roads lead to one place: God. Join by bro Ernest Lau to study on this interesting topic!


DEC 1, 2021

True or False: "There Is No Hope For Me"

Sometimes life gets us down. 😞
Whether because of suffering, or because of failure, and it seems there no light at the end of the tunnel, and there is nothing to look forward to. Is there still hope for me? Join us here to learn more about this topic with bro Jimmy!


OCT 31, 2021

True or False: "I Am Beyond Forgiveness"

We have things we regretted. We may have hurt people we love. Maybe I have been estranged from my loved ones because of my mistakes? Can I ever redeem myself? Can i find forgiveness from my guilt?


SEP 26, 2021

True or False: "Only Wicked People Suffer"

Our lives are made up of the choices that we make. When we watch dramas, we often see that wicked people suffer and are punished in the end.
Think about it - will you be exempted from suffering if you are a good person? 🤔


AUG 29, 2021

Olympics for Christians

Are Olympics just for athletes? Don't we all have to participate in the great race of life? How do we prepare ourselves to succeed in this race?


AUG. 7, 2021

True or False: "There Is Nothing After Death"

None of us wants to die..
But ultimately we know that day will come for us..
We may be too scared to ask but..
What happens after death?


JULY 25, 2021

True or False: "Baptism is Not Essential for Salvation"

Baptism has always been an important Christian rite. However, some say that it is not necessary for salvation. Others contend that salvation is obtained only after baptism. What does the Bible say? Dive in deeper with bro Ernest to find out.


JUN 29, 2021