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Learning from Job

Many of us would have a specific Bible character who resonates with us the most. For me that would be Job.

One of the significant lessons derived from the Book of Job is the importance of maintaining faith and trust in God in the face of adversity. The story of Job revolves around his tremendous suffering and the challenges he endured. Despite losing his wealth, children, and health, Job remained steadfast in his faith and refused to curse God. Even at the very end, when all was lost and his closest partner – his wife – asked him to “curse God, and die!” (Job 2:9), Job remained focused and rooted to his beliefs. As a result, God restored all that was lost and gave Job twice as much as he had before.

In the darkest of times, it is crucial to hold onto our faith and not let challenges shake our beliefs. Job’s example encourages us to persevere through hardships and continue to trust in God even when life seems overwhelmingly difficult and bleak. It also teaches us humility, reminding us that God, not us, has full control of everything that happens in our lives.

In a competitive society like Singapore’s, there is a tendency to compare. This can be unhealthy, especially when comparing becomes excessive and everything, even the minute and insignificant, becomes a competition. This could result in stress, where, if someone lacks something that others possess, they may feel miserable for ‘losing’ out. This is despite the fact that this misery is self-induced and the unnecessary pressure is caused by one’s own expectations. To deal with this, one can draw inspiration from the story of Job. It is truly admirable that Job had an unwavering attitude towards his faith, even though everything was taken away in a short period of time. His story reminds me that everything in this life is temporary. God has the power to give and take away any day, any time. He has a reason and purpose for everything. Even when the result may not be evident, it is necessary to remain steadfast. Looking at what Job went through gives me a sense of perspective, as it teaches me that my own problems are nothing compared to the suffering he faced.

The story of Job also emphasizes on the importance of seeking God in times of trouble, and to look to God for refuge and guidance when weathering a storm. In particular, it always helps to take a step back, look at the bigger picture and know that God has a better plan for us.

Finally, Job showed us that real fulfilment resides in Heaven, not on Earth. The uplifting story of Job encourages me to put my faith in God in good and bad circumstances. It teaches me to be positive and have full confidence that God will take care of everything.


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