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A Day Of Good Tidings

Text: 2Ki 7:9

A. Situation.

  1. For the lepers (2Ki 6:24-25). a. They were under siege. b. They were suffering a great famine. c. They were in deep poverty.

  2. For us. a. The world is under siege of sin (1Jo 5:19). b. The world is suffering a great famine of God’s Word (1Co 1:21). c. The world is in deep spiritual poverty (Eph 2:12).

  3. “If the LORD do not help thee, whence shall I help thee?” (2Ki 6:27). a. God sent Jesus to die for us (Rom 3:25). b. Jesus died to redeem us from sin (Tit 2:14). c. The Holy Spirit revealed the plan of salvation to us (1Co 2:12).

B. Solution.

  1. For the lepers (2Ki 7:6-8). a. The siege was lifted. b. There was plenty of food. c. There was much gold, silver, and clothing.

  2. For us. a. Christ has released us from the bondage of sin (Heb 2:15). b. Christ has resolved our hunger and thirst (Joh 6:35). c. Christ has made us rich (2Co 8:9).

  3. “Why sit we here until we die?” (2Ki 7:3). a. We have to obey the “form of doctrine” (Rom 6:17). b. We have to seek for “righteousness” (Mat 5:6). c. We have to be “in Christ” (Eph 1:3).

C. Selection.

  1. For the lepers (2Ki 7:9). a. The lepers could have kept silent. b. The lepers could have waited till morning. c. The lepers could have informed the king’s household immediately.

  2. For us. a. We can choose to keep silent (Eze 3:18). b. We can choose to wait (Joh 4:35). c. We can choose to act immediately (Act 9:20).

  3. “We do not well.” (2Ki 7:9). a. There will be some who will reject the good news (2Ki 7:2). b. There will be some who will ridicule the good news (2Ki 7:12). c. There will be some who will receive the good news (2Ki 7:13).

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