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God's Design For The Home

Text: Psa 127:1

A. Purpose of the home.

  1. Provide companionship (Gen 2:18; Mal 2:14).

  2. Prevent immorality (1Co 7:2; Heb 13:4).

  3. Procreation of children (Mal 2:15; 1Ti 5:14).

  4. Pattern of our relationship with God (2Co 6:18; 11:2).

B. Pattern of the home.

  1. A place of harmony. a. A divided home cannot stand (Mar 3:25). b. Homes become divided because of pride (Pro 14:1; 21:19). c. A home can have union without unity. d. A Christian home ought to be a harmonious home where every member fulfils their obligations to one another (1Pe 3:7; Eph 5:33; 2Co 12:14; Eph 6:1).

  2. A place of charity. a. A loveless home has no joy (Pro 15:17). b. Homes become cold because of selfishness (2Ti 3:2,4). c. A home can have decoration without decorum. d. A Christian home ought to be a loving home where every member seeks the welfare of one another (Eph 5:28; Pro 31:12; 1Th 2:7,11; Eph 6:2).

  3. A place of spirituality. a. A godless home will not be successful (Psa 127:1). b. Homes become broken because of indulgence (Mat 10:37; Pro 22:6). c. A home can have teaching without training. d. A Christian home ought to be a spiritual home where every member is responsible for one another (Eph 5:23; Pro 31:23; 1:8; 23:22).

C. Preservation of the home.

  1. Commitment. a, A home can be connected but not committed. b. A healthy home is one where the members commit to one another (Rom 7:2).

  2. Communication. a. A home can be talking without communicating. b. A healthy home is one where the members communicate with one another (Jdg 16:15).

  3. Conflict resolution. a. A home can solve conflicts without resolving them. b. A healthy home is one where the members resolve conflicts with one another (Eph 4:26).

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