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The Remembrance Of The Youth

Text: Ecc 12:1

A. Remember God.

  1. Remember His ways (Deu 8:2). a. God led the Israelites through the wilderness for 40 years to teach them humility (Deu 8:2). b. God allowed the Israelites to hunger and fed them with manna to teach them faith (Deu 8:3).

  2. Remember His words (Deu 8:11). a. God delivered on His promise to deliver the Israelites from Egyptian bondage, even though they doubted when Pharaoh refused to provide them straw for making bricks (Deu 8:14). b. God delivered on His promise to lead the Israelites through the wilderness, even though they doubted when they had no food and water (Deu 8:15-16). c. Remember His works (Deu 8:18). a. God gave the Israelites power to get wealth, but they attributed it to their own power and might (Deu 8:17-18). b. God blessed the Israelites with food, beautiful houses, herds and flocks, silver and gold, but they attributed them to idols (Deu 8:19).

B. Remember parents.

  1. Obey them (Eph 6:1). a. To obey them in all things (Col 3:20), so long as it is consistent with God’s laws (Eph 6:1). b. It also means not to despise them (Pro 23:22).

  2. Honour them (Eph 6:2). a. To show piety and to repay them (1Ti 5:3-4). b. It also means to provide for them (Mat 15:4-6).

C. Remember others.

  1. Remember those who are strangers (Heb 13:2). a. By showing them hospitality (Heb 13:2). b. By providing for their needs (Gal 6:6).

  2. Remember those who are suffering (Heb 13:3). a. By empathizing with them (Heb 13:3). b. By comforting them (2Co 1:3-4). c. By praying for them (Jas 5:13-16).

  3. Remember those who are in leadership (Heb 13:7). a. By following their example (Heb 13:7). b. By obeying and submitting to them (Heb 13:17). c. By appreciating and respecting them (1Th 5:12-13).

  4. Remember those who are in need (Heb 13:16). a. By doing good and sharing our possessions with them (Heb 13:16). b. By having compassion on them (1Jo 3:17).

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