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Encouraging Men To Be Preachers

Text: Rom 10:14-15

A. Enlightening men to be preachers.

  1. There is a great need for preachers. a. God has manifested His Word through preaching (Tit 1:3). b. The preacher brings the Word of God to the lost (Rom 10:14). c. The preacher guides the lost in understanding the Word of God (Act 8:30-31).

  2. It is a blessing to be a preacher. a. Preachers are highly esteemed by God (Rom 10:15). b. Preachers are given grace by God (Eph 3:7-8). c. Preachers are gifts from Christ (Eph 4:8,11).

B. Enabling men to be preachers.

  1. A preacher is an evangelist (2Ti 4:2-5). a. euaggelistēs – “a bringer of good tidings, an evangelist”. b. A preacher should preach with passion, but he is not the entertainer of the church – he is a preacher of the Word of God.

  2. A preacher is a teacher (Eph 4:11-12). a. didaskalos – “a teacher”. b. A preacher should practice what he teaches, but he is not the proxy of the church – he is a teacher to equip the saints.

  3. A preacher is a minister (1Ti 4:6-7). a. diakonos – “one who executes the commands of another, especially of a master, a servant, attendant, minister”. b. A preacher should minister to the needs of the congregation, but he is not the errand boy of the church – he is a servant of Jesus Christ.

  4. A preacher is a servant (2Ti 2:24-25). a. doulos – “a slave, bondman, man of servile condition”. b. A preacher should be proactive in serving, but he is not the chief of the church – he is a slave of the Lord.

C. Encouraging men to be preachers.

  1. How congregations should treat their preachers (1Th 5:12-14). a. Appreciate them for their labour. b. Respect them for their work. c. Correct them when they go astray. d. Encourage them when they are discouraged. e. Help them when they have problems. f. Forbear them when they make mistakes.

  2. How preachers should treat their congregations (1Th 2:3-12). a. His motive – to please God. b. His manner – as a nursing mother. c. His message – the Gospel of God. d. His mode – devout, just, blameless. e. His method – exhort, comfort, charge.

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