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Qualities Of A Godly Man

Text: Rom 12:9-13:2

A. Hospitable towards brethren.

  1. David was hospitable towards Mephibosheth (2Sa 9:7-11) and towards the sons of Barzillai (1Ki 2:7).

  2. Similarly, the godly man is hospitable towards his brethren (12:9-13; Heb 13:2).

  3. The godly man teaches his family to be hospitable towards the brethren.

a. By not complaining when serving them (1Pe 4:9).

b. By developing close relationships with them (Tit 1:8).

c. By inculcating a good habit of hospitality (1Co 16:15).

B. Forgiving towards enemies.

  1. David was forgiving towards Shimei (2Sa 19:18-23).

  2. Similarly, the godly man is forgiving towards his enemies (12:14-15,17-21; Luk 6:27-28).

  3. The godly man teaches his family to be forgiving towards their enemies.

a. By not returning evil for evil (Rom 12:17).

b. By praying for them (Luk 6:28).

c. By making peace with them (Mat 5:23-24).

C. Compassionate towards the oppressed.

  1. David was compassionate towards the people of Keilah (1Sa 23:1-5).

  2. Similarly, the godly man is compassionate towards the oppressed (12:16; Jas 1:27).

  3. The godly man teaches his family to be compassionate towards the oppressed.

a. By not dismissing them (Pro 3:27).

b. By setting aside to give to them (Eph 4:28).

c. By seeking opportunities to do good to them (Gal 6:10).

D. Respectful towards those in authority.

  1. David was respectful towards his king (1Sa 24:6; 26:11).

  2. Similarly, the godly man is submissive and respectful towards those in authority (13:1; 1Pe 2:13-14; Heb 13:17; 1Th 5:12-13).

  3. The godly man teaches his family to be respectful towards those in authority.

a. By not speaking evil of them (Tit 3:1-2).

b. By fulfilling his responsibilities to them (Luk 20:25). c. By praying together for them (1Ti 2:1-3).

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