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Essentials To The Work Of The Lord

Text: Eph 2:10

A. A powerful faith.

  1. If one does not believe in something, he will not do anything – e.g. the 10 faithless spies (Num 13:31-33).

  2. We will not try to evangelize to our friends if we do not believe that the gospel can convert them.

  3. Without faith, we cannot please God (Heb 11:6), but faith can overcome difficulties in the work of the Lord (Mat 17:20).

B. A prayerful life.

  1. If one cares enough to pray, he will care enough to be involved – e.g. the apostles’ prayer for boldness (Act 4:31).

  2. We are more likely to visit those whom we pray for than those whom we do not pray for.

  3. Without prayer, we can get discouraged (Luk 18:1), but prayer can remove hindrances in the work of the Lord (Mat 21:22).

C. A practical study.

  1. If one does not make his knowledge practical, his knowledge will remain intellectual – e.g. the hypocritical scribes and Pharisees (Mat 23:3-4).

  2. We will not be productive in the work of the Lord if we are more concerned with correcting others.

  3. Without applying our knowledge of God’s word, we have a dead faith (Jas 2:17), but practical application of God’s word makes us fruitful in the work of the Lord (Luk 8:15).

D. A personal love.

  1. If one is motivated by love, he will be driven to serve – e.g. Philemon’s love for the Lord and the brethren (Phm 5-7).

  2. We are more willing to help those whom we love than to help those whom we dislike.

  3. Without love, we serve in vain (1Co 13:1-3), but love makes the work of the Lord light (1Jo 5:3).

E. A persistent effort.

  1. If one is not persistent in his efforts, he will give up when he does not see the desired results – e.g. Elijah’s discouragement (1Ki 19:10).

  2. We will give up on the work of the Lord if we focus on the product instead of the purpose of our service.

  3. Without effort, we cannot enter heaven (Luk 13:24), but persistence will open doors of opportunity in the work of the Lord (Mat 7:7-8).

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