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Apostle Peter - A Diamond In The Rough


A. Introducing Simon Peter. John 1:40-42; Matt 4:18-19

B. First impressions on Simon Peter.

C. Simon Peter was a diamond in the rough.

D. Simon Peter was unrefined; The Lord is going to make him shine.

Discussion: A Diamond In The Rough

A. Peter Walked On Water (Matt 14:22-31).

  1. A rash act or a fearless spirit?

  2. To learn to swim, you must get into the water.

  3. Peter obviously knew he could not walk on water.

  4. You can’t succeed unless you try. Eg. Caleb Num 13:30

  5. One achieves nothing by staying at home (comfort zone).

  6. A leader is one who dares to venture out when no one wills. Isa 6:8

B. Peter Confessed Christ (Matt 16:16).

  1. Just being big mouth or outspoken?

  2. Peter was outspoken; which can be both good and bad. Exo 4:10

  3. He became the unofficial spokesperson for the twelve; that’s leadership.

  4. He was not afraid to speak up when the need arises. Acts 2:13

  5. A leader needs to speak up. 1 Tim 3:2

C. Peter Affirmed His Unwavering Faith In Jesus (Matt 26:35).

  1. Boastful or love?

  2. Peter truly loved Jesus – 100% love and devotion.

  3. Husbands are commanded to love their wives sacrificially. Eph 5:25

  4. A leader is unwavering in his love and devotion. John 10:11

D. Peter Denied Christ (Matt 26:75)

  1. An unpardonable sin? Are we guilty sometimes?

  2. Many are quick to condemn when a leader fails.

  3. A leader picks up the mess and starts all over again.

  4. Peter learned from mistakes and emerged stronger. Acts 2:14

  5. A leader learns from mistakes; he does not quit.

  6. Failures are life’s journeys; not destination. 2 Cor 4:8-9

E. What Of Peter?

  1. Peter was a natural born leader but unpolished. 1 Pet 1:7

  2. Peter showed himself to be impetuous to the point of rashness.

  3. But don’t forget: a. It was Peter who left the boat to walk on the water to Jesus (Matt 14:28-29). b. It was Peter who took Jesus aside to rebuke Him for speaking of His death (Matt 16:22).

  4. Peter needed correction, and the Lord gave it with patience, firmness, and love.

  5. The rough and reckless fisherman was, in Jesus’ eyes, a firm and faithful rock.

F. Are We Like Peter?

  1. Jesus uses unlikely heroes.

  2. Peter was refined. As Peter preached, people were amazed at his boldness because he was “unschooled” and “ordinary.” But then they took note that Peter “had been with Jesus” (Acts 4:13). Being with Jesus makes all the difference.

G. What Did Jesus See In Peter?

  1. Very human, like the rest of us.

  2. But Jesus saw Peter's worth. Saw all the faults as well, and accepted Peter as he was, knowing his heart was good.

  3. His name became his prophetic destiny. He became a strong pillar to the infant Christian church.

H. What Can Jesus See In You?

  1. It’s often said that our greatest gifts are also our greatest weaknesses. Peter is a good example of that.

  2. Although Peter was a diamond in the rough, God faithfully used him to show the beautiful grace found in Christ and the simplicity of faith in the Omnipotent God.

  3. Many believers today want to separate their spiritual life from their “real” or daily life. They just want a touch of Jesus. Peter wanted all of his life to be affected by Jesus (John 13:9). He quit his job as a fisherman. What about us?

  4. Can He depend on you?


A. Simon Peter was a diamond in the rough. What he did were not exactly wrong. They aren’t necessarily bad qualities and are important for a leader. They show him to be a natural born leader. He just need to be refined.

B. We too can be refined. Let Christ change us. 2 Tim 2:20-21

C. We all make mistakes and are not perfect. Yet if spend time with Jesus, He will transform us.

D. If we have a strong will to serve God and strong faith in Him, He will use us in spite of our weaknesses. He can change weakness into strength.

E. Strive to serve God. Php 3:12-14; 1 Cor 15:58

F. On the day of Pentecost, Peter had CHANGED!

G. Be like Simon Peter: A butterfly that is ready to emerge from a cocoon.

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