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World Evangelism


A. The MISSION of the church is to save souls.

B. What is evangelism?

  1. Greek euaggelion (Strong No. 2098) – Good news; gospel; glad tidings. Luke 2:10

  2. Greek euaggelizo (Strong 2097) – to bring good news; preach the gospel. Luke 4:18; 7:22; 9:6; 20:1; Acts 8:25; Rom 1:15

  3. Evangelism is preaching the gospel of Christ. Mk 16:15

  4. The AIM of evangelism is to save souls. Mk 16:16

C. You can win a soul to Jesus Christ. Pro 11:30; Luke 5:10

D. The greatest thing that a human being can do for another human being is to bring him to Christ Jesus, the Saviour.


A. Why we fail to evangelise.

  1. Don’t believe the world will be lost without Christ.

  2. Don’t believe the lost will be in hell.

  3. Failure to comprehend the severity of hell fire.

  4. Don’t love enough to care for the lost souls.

  5. Lack of faith. The most passionate and effective evangelism comes from those who have experienced the gospel.

  6. Forgetting the mission of the church.

B. Why we must take the Gospel to the world.

  1. Because the world will be lost without believing in Jesus. 2 Thess 1:7-9

  2. Because of the punishment of hell fire. Luke 16:23

  3. Because Jesus command us to do it. Mk 16:15; Matt 28:19

  4. Because we love the souls of men. Mk 12:31

  5. Because it is our responsibility. Rom 10:13-14

  6. Because we must go where the people are. Mk 16:15

  7. Because we love God; we also love His work. Lk 6:46

C. Hindrances to world evangelism.

  1. Materialism – Too worldly to be concerned with spiritual things. 2 Jn 2:15-17

  2. Ignorance - Many church members think that evangelism is the role of the preachers and paid staff. Many do not know how to do it.

  3. Indifference - Christians have no sense of urgency to reach lost people. When was the last time you talk to a friend about Jesus? Or invite someone to the gospel meeting?

  4. Lack of Resources – Preachers and Finance.

  5. Lack of Focus – Church membership today is more about getting my needs met rather than reaching the lost. a. Every member has different need. Some have marriage problems. b. We have aging problem. c. Youth problems – dating unbelievers, faith problem, parental problems. d. Health issues – sickness, dementia, etc e. Parent and children issues.

  6. Wrong priorities by the church - Churches are more concerned with their building program and keeping the saved. Churches have too many activities that they are too busy to do the things that really matter. a. Our programs are jam packed. – blood donation, camp, fellowship, seminars, we have no time for world evangelism.

  7. Unbelief - Many do not believe the lost will be in hell. Many church members don’t really believe that Christ is the only way to salvation.

  8. Unbelief in the Power of the gospel – “They will not believe.” don’t waste your time and money.

D. How we can overcome.

  1. Review the vision.---- What do you see in ten years time? a. Is it a 3 storey church building? b. Is it a membership of 300? c. Is it we are sending preachers out to preach the gospel?

  2. Shift the focus; change the priority. a. If it only internal growth we are aiming, we miss the mission. b. We need to train men to preach. c. We need to be concerned with soul saving.

  3. Start loving the souls of men.

E. Jesus commands us to continue in His mission. Mk 16:15

  1. The command is for us to GO. Mk 16:15; Matt 28:19

  2. Another command is to PREACH and TEACH. Mk 16:15; Matt 28:19

  3. The Purpose is to SAVE souls from hell fire. Mk 16:16

F. The parable of the good Samaritan. Luke 10:30-37

  1. The Priest and Levite lacked compassion for the dying man. They were religious but not soul loving.

  2. The Samaritan: What did he do? a. Vision – The Samaritan saw the man’s need. Vision is important. Jesus said: “Lift up your eyes.” (Jn 4:35) b. Association – The Samaritan went to him. He reached out. Matt 4:19 c. Compassion - He has reasons not to help; they were enemies. He broke the barrier and cared for his enemy. Jn 4:9 d. Supplication – He bound up the injured man’s wounds. He took care of his immediate needs. Rom 12:20 e. Continuation – He brought him to an inn and took care of him. Rom 15:1 f. Contribution – He paid the inn keeper. World evangelism involves time, energy, and money. g. Confirmation – He will return. To confirm by strengthening the converts. Acts 14:22; 15:41

G. How to have a successful world evangelism.

  1. Plan - Is it in the church plan? “Say not there are yet four months” (Jn 4:35).

  2. Motivate – Encourage world evangelism. Matt 4:19

  3. Donate – Give to the cause. 1 Cor 9:14

  4. Love – Love the souls of men regardless of nationalities. Matt 23:37

  5. Be Passionate – Be as passionate as Paul. Rom 9:2-3

  6. Pray.

H. God's plan for world evangelism.

  1. Go

  2. Seek

  3. Preach


A. The gospel is a message the world desperately needs.

B. The sin that Christ saved us from is the same sin that condemns unbelievers to hell.

C. You Can Make a Difference.

D. The Mission of the church is to save.

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