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Show Me Your Faith

Text: Jas 2:14-16

A. Dead faith (v14-18).

  1. A dead faith is passive (Jas 2:17) e.g. Ephraimites (Jdg 8:1-3; 12:1-3).

  2. A dead faith refuses to work (Mal 3:14) e.g. returning Jews from captivity (Hag 1:2-4).

  3. The remedy to a dead faith is love (Joh 14:15).

B. Demonic faith (v19-20).

  1. A demonic faith is reactive (Jas 2:19) e.g. Pilate (Joh 19:7-8; Mat 27:24).

  2. A demonic faith refuses to work (Exo 3:11; 4:13) e.g. one talent man (Mat 25:24-27).

  3. The remedy to a demonic faith is love (1Jo 4:18).

C. Dynamic faith (v21-26).

  1. A dynamic faith is active (Jas 2:18) e.g. Abraham (Jas 2:21; Heb 11:17) & Rahab (Jas 2:25; Heb 11:31).

  2. A dynamic faith works (Gal 5:6) e.g. church at Ephesus (Rev 2:2-5).

  3. The key to developing love is to spend time and effort in putting the word of God into practice (1Jo 2:5; 1Co 16:15).

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