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Just One Little Sin

Text: Jas 2:10-13

A. Consequence of a "little" sin.

  1. Some have the mindset that a “little” sin won’t hurt as long as one keeps the other commandments of God (Mat 7:21-23).

  2. Just a “little” sin makes one a sinner (2:10-11). a. A “little” sin negates all the good that one has done (Eze 33:13). b. A “little” sin results in death (Rom 6:23), both physical (Rom 5:12) and spiritual (Isa 59:1-2).

  3. We are to keep all the commandments of God (Mat 28:20), without omission of any that we deem to be less important (Mat 23:23).

B. Condemnation from a "little" sin.

  1. Some have the mindset that a “little” sin won’t hurt because God’s grace will cover it (2Pe 2:20-22).

  2. Just a “little” sin will condemn one in judgment (2:12). a. For every “little” evil deed (2Co 5:10). b. For every “little” evil word (Mat 12:36). c. For every “little” evil thought (Mat 5:28).

  3. We are to be involved in the work of the Lord, because the things we neglect to do can condemn us in judgment (Mat 25:41-45).

C. Caution against a "little" sin.

  1. Some have the mindset that a “little” sin won’t hurt because there are others worse off (Hab 1:13).

  2. Just a “little” sin is not overlooked by focusing on the sins of others, but results in greater severity in judgment (2:13). a. One shall be judged with the same harsh standards that he judge others (Mat 7:1-2). b. One shall receive no forgiveness for the same unforgiveness that he shows to others (Mat 18:35). c. One shall be condemned for the same sins that he condemns others for (Rom 2:1).

  3. We are to take heed to ourselves first before we teach others (1Ti 4:16).

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