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Pray For One Another

Text: Jas 5:16

A. Point of prayer.

  1. What is not prayer? a. It is not a sermon, either to God or man. b. It is not a magic wand to be used to get out of trouble when everything else has failed.

  2. What is prayer? a. It is an expression of our hearts’ desires to God (Rom 10:1). b. It is man’s response to God’s willingness (Mat 7:7-11). c. It comprises the following ACTS - Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication.

B. Practice of prayer.

  1. Who should we not pray for? a. Those who are unrepentant (1Jo 5:16).

  2. Who should we pray for? a. Those undergoing suffering (Jas 5:13). b. Those in sickness (Jas 5:14). c. Those who are repentant (Jas 5:15-16). d. Our loved ones (Job 1:5). e. Our enemies (Mat 5:44). f. Those weak in faith (Luk 22:32). g. Those lost in sin (Rom 10:1). h. All Christians, especially teachers of God’s word (Eph 6:18-20). i. All people, especially civil rulers and those in authority (1Ti 2:1-2). j. Those travelling (Phm 22).

C. Power of prayer.

  1. What can prayer not do? a. Prayer cannot change God’s revealed will (1Jo 5:14). b. Prayer cannot work miracles today (1Co 13:8-10). c. Prayer cannot substitute human effort (1Jo 3:22).

  2. What can prayer do? a. Heal the sick (Jas 5:15). b. Forgive sins (Jas 5:15). c. Provide for daily necessities (Mat 6:11). d. Deliver from temptations (Mat 6:13). e. Overcome problems (Mat 24:20). f. Give peace (Php 4:6-7). g. Grant wisdom (Jas 1:5). h. Change God’s circumstantial will (2Ch 32:24).

D. Pitfalls of prayer.

  1. Hindrances to prayer. a. Unbelief (Jas 1:6-8). b. Apathy (Luk 18:1). c. Sin (Psa 66:18). d. Heartlessness (Pro 21:13). e. Unforgiveness (Mar 11:26). f. Pretentiousness (Mat 6:5-8). g. Disobedience (Pro 28:9). h. Wrong motives (Jas 4:3). i. Poor marital relations (1Pe 3:7)

  2. Aids to prayer. a. Faith (Jas 5:15). b. Fervency (Jas 5:16). c. Righteousness (Jas 5:16). d. Compassion (Mat 5:44). e. Forgiveness (Mar 11:25). f. Sincerity (Luk 18:9-14). g. Obedience (1Jo 3:22). h. Right motives (1Jo 5:14-15). i. Good marital relations (1Pe 3:7)

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