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The Day Of Judgment

Text: Act 17:30-31

A. The sureness of the judgment.

  1. We will await judgment after we die (Heb 9:27). a. The living and the dead will be judged (Act 10:42). b. The good and evil will be judged (Joh 5:28-29). c. The small and great will be judged (Rev 20:12).

  2. We will be judged when Christ comes again (2Ti 4:1). a. God has appointed the day (Act 17:31). b. God has appointed the judge (Joh 5:22,27).

  3. Since we will all be judged, we need to repent (Act 17:30-31) – otherwise we will perish (Luk 13:3,5).

B. The standard of the judgment.

  1. We will be judged by the word of God (Joh 12:48). a. The judge is righteous (2Ti 4:8). b. The judgment is righteous (Rom 2:5-6).

  2. We will be judged according to our works (Ecc 12:14). a. Our every action will be judged (2Co 5:10). b. Our every word will be judged (Mat 12:36-37). c. Our every thought will be judged (1Co 4:5).

  3. Since we will be judged by the word of God, we need to know the standard of judgment (2Pe 3:18) – otherwise we will be destroyed (Hos 4:6).

C. The sentence of the judgment.

  1. Heaven (Mat 25:34,46). a. A place of rest (Rev 14:13). b. A place of beauty (Rev 21:10-21). c. A place of purity (Rev 21:27). d. A place without death, sorrow andpain (Rev 21:4). e. A place of light (Rev 21:23),eternally in the presence of God (1Th4:17). f. A place of joyful worship (Rev 5:11-14).

  2. Hell (Mat 25:41,46). a. A place without rest (Rev 14:11). b. A place of destruction (2Th 1:9). c. A place of sinners (Rev 21:8). d. A place of suffering - Fire and brimstone (Rev 20:10), Fire that never quenches and worm that never dies (Mar 9:43-44), Weeping and gnashing of teeth (Mat13:49-50). e. A place of darkness (Jud 13),eternally separated from the presenceof God (2Th 1:9). f. A place of shame and contempt (Dan12:2).

  3. Since we know the horrors of hell, we need to preach the gospel and persuade men (2Co 5:11) – otherwise woe will be upon us (1Co 9:16).

D. The surprise of the judgment.

  1. The Day of Judgment will be a surprise (2Pe 3:10). a. Christ’s coming will be unexpected, like a thief in the night (Mat 24:43-44). b. Christ’s coming will have no signs, everything will appear as normal on that day (Mar 24:37-42). c. No man or angels know when Christ’s coming would be (Mat 24:36). d. Not even Christ, during His earthly ministry, knew when His coming would be (Mar 13:32).

  2. The verdict of judgment will be a surprise (Luk 13:23-24). a. The devil and his angels will be sentenced to hell (Mat 25:41). b. The sinners will be sentenced to hell (Rev 21:8). c. The ignorant will be sentenced to hell (2Th 1:8-9). d. The disobedient will be sentenced to hell (2Th 1:8-9). e. The misguided will be sentenced to hell (Mat 7:21-23). f. The unfaithful will be sentenced to hell (Heb 10:26-27). g. The slothful will be sentenced to hell (Mat 25:26-30,42-45).

  3. Since we do not know when Christ will come again, we need to watch and pray (Mat 13:32-33) – otherwise we will fall into temptation (Mat 26:41).

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