True Repentance

Why did you obey the gospel? Was it due to genuine repentance, or was it due to the fear of hell? There are some who obey the gospel for the latter reason and thus remain unconverted; they change their beliefs but there is no change in their behaviour. How then do we demonstrate true repentance? Change in action In order for one to show his repentance, he has to change his action. This means that he has to refrain from doing what is wrong. In the account of the two sons, the first son demonstrated his repentance by changing his action – “he regretted it and went [change in action]” (Mat 21:28-29). This change in action is necessary for repentance, otherwise the repentance will not be genuine

Empowering The Christian Home - Love

Text: Rom 12:9-10 A. Fleshly Love. “érōs” – love, mostly of the sexual passion. Describes the love between opposite genders. A relationship usually starts off with physical attraction between a man and a woman – “love at first sight”. Husband and wife should continue to have “érōs” love for each other throughout their marriage – e.g. Isaac and Rebekah (Gen 26:8). In fact, your spouse should be your greatest desire. B. Friendly Love. “phileō” – to treat affectionately or kindly, to welcome, befriend. Describes the love between close friends. The relationship progresses from physical attraction to social association between a man and a woman (Rom 12:10). Husband and wife should continue to ha

Saving Keilah

In the movie “Saving Private Ryan,” a group of 8 soldiers, led by Captain Miller (played by Tom Hanks), were on a mission to save Private Ryan. During the mission, the team debated over whether they should even save Private Ryan. Ultimately, to save one man, it cost the lives of 6 soldiers, including Tom Hanks himself. At the end of the movie, we are left wondering: was it worth saving Private Ryan? Many times in our own lives, when we have the opportunity to help others, we may ask ourselves the same question: is it worth it? It might be an opportunity to help a beggar. It may be an opportunity to help a brother-in-Christ. It could be an opportunity to help the church. Sometimes we may deci

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