Goals For Spiritual Growth

Text: Php 3:14 A. Individual goals. To be like Christ. a. God’s will for us is to be conformed to the image of Christ (Rom 8:29). b. As disciples of Christ (Mat 28:19), our objective is to be as our Master (Luk 6:40). To grow in the knowledge of Christ. a. In order to be like Christ, we need to make it a goal to grow in His knowledge (2Pe 3:18). b. Transformation begins with the renewal of mind (Rom 12:2). c. As we study the word of God, it is like a mirror to us (Jas 1:23-25), transforming us into the image of Christ (2Co 3:18). d. Diligence in studying the word of God is necessary for us to be approved of God (2Ti 2:15). e. Seeing that growing in the knowledge of Christ is so

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